Nutricontrol climate control systems are specifically designed to generate the optimum climatic conditions inside your greenhouse. Based on the information received from the sensors, the system will automatically operate the various actuators inside the greenhouse, such as windows, heating system, fans, etc. that are responsible for maintaining the optimum conditions for the crop.

The new climate controllers developed by Nutricontrol offer a series of features:

  • The system can be scaled-up without changing the equipment.
  • Increase functions and zones without changing the equipment.
  • All types of communication with your PC.
  • Increase number of inputs and outputs remotely by cable or by radio.
  • Voltages of 12 VAC or 24 VDC.
  • Possibility of increasing the number of compartments to any higher grade system by keying in a code.
  • 16 digital outputs (via relay) + 8 digital inputs..
  • Analogue input card (8 analogue inputs and 3 digital ones)

All backed by the quality gained through 20 years experience.