At the heart of Nutricontrol lies our Research, Development & Innovation Department (R&D+i), which plays a fundamental and strategic role in our organisation. It is our firm belief that technological development should go hand in hand with an experienced and well trained team. We therefore employ a large team of industry experts, including agricultural, electronic and IT engineers who enable us to develop innovative solutions for this market.

Our experience and know-how in the field of water control and management has enabled us to secure the position as market leader in the industry nationally and internationally. We also offer training courses (some together with the Universidad Politécnica of Cartagena, Murcia) to improve user knowledge in the management and application of our controllers.


All of our day-to-day working processes, as well as our equipment and components, are guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate of Quality.Our new controllers are the perfect example of this philosophy that we apply to our work. Our devices are designed to grow along with you and your facility by providing solutions that will not require costly future upgrades.

The control functions and capacity of our new Nutricontrol systems can be scaled up with the addition of new inputs and outputs via cable or radio control. This is possible without the need to replace the controller. All that will be required is a new software installation, as our systems leave the factory designed so that they can be continuously expanded after their initial installation.


If anything characterises Nutricontrol, it is our constant concern for and effort to achieve the highest standards of quality and the highest performance from our products. The application of quality standards to all our systems and components, as well as at the new product development stage, is the overriding factor in our company’s day-to-day working practices. Our ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality is proof of this.

Quality, service, ease-of-use and constant adaptation to the customers’ needs are just some of the factors that have led to our expansion in overseas markets and to our continuous growth. These factors mean that we now sell 50% of our products on the international market, and have enabled us to open delegations in Mexico, Turkey and Morocco. Today, our systems have been installed on more than 30,000 sites in more than 100 different countries.