Integrated control (Optimum)


OPTIMUM is the complete solution for your crop: a system that links and controls the management of climate, fertigation, energy and data of the agricultural installation.

It is composed of a main substation with a CPU, which increases the processing capacity and speed. The input / output network is expanded by substations with expansions. OPTIMUM has an exclusive technology that allows it to react in advance to climate changes that occur outside and inside the greenhouse. This helps to create a uniform climate that will result in a top quality harvest and significant energy savings.



Main features:

  • Each project is unique. Tailor-made solution designed for each particular agricultural facility.
  • Both the software and the hardware are modular, that is, at any time it can be expanded and adapted to suit your needs.
  • Intuitive, customizable interface, allows the integration of smart graphics.
  • It has a powerful system for storing and managing data about the crop’s climate and irrigation. It enables the generation of totally personalized on-demand reports.
  • It is managed through one or more PCs present or not in the installation. Remote control is done from any PC with Internet access, Smartphone or Tablet.

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