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If you are an irrigation or climate professional, directly to Nutricontrol.

If you are a possible end user (farmer, etc.) you must purchase them through an irrigation or climate professional who is a Nutricontrol customer, since we do not sell directly to end users. If you don’t know of any, contact Nutricontrol Customer Service.

In the Products section, you can find datasheets detailing the functions of each product. You can also obtain the installation and user manuals by registering in the Private Area.

Please complete and submit the Contact Form and one of our salespeople will contact you shortly. If you are a professional irrigation and climate control customer, please contact Customer Service helpline..

Please complete and submit the Questions and Suggestions section. One of our salespeople or technical experts will contact you shortly. If you are a professional irrigation and climate control customer, please contact our Customer Service helpline..

If you are an end user, you should contact the company that installed it..

with the equipment nearby). Our technicians will attempt to resolve the problem without you having to send it away. If this is not possible, please send it to Nutricontrol S.L. – Calle Bucarest, 26 – 30353 Pol. Ind. Cabezo Beaza (Cartagena) Spain. We recommend you enclose a note indicating what the problem is, all your details, and enclose it in protective packaging to prevent the device from getting damaged in transit.

Nutricontrol is a manufacturer and therefore, in principal, does not install the equipment. We usually advise end users to obtain advice and purchase the equipment through experienced professional irrigation and climate control companies located close to your business who are Nutricontrol clients.

In any case you may contact the Nutricontrol Customer Service helpline to discuss your requirements with us in more detail.Our technical experts will know how to advise you.

The documents with the technical specifications of our products are available on the Nutricontrol website. The product datasheets are publicly available and can be downloaded by clicking on the links, but the manuals require you to provide a username and password that Nutricontrol will provide you with when you become our customer.

Yes, we have an annual calendar of training courses for our customers, organised by geographic area. If you are interested, please contact your salesperson who will confirm the dates of the courses available throughout the year in your area.

Yes, Nutricontrol offers all of its customers detailed technical advice about the complete automated installation, including the possibility of a turnkey project, which includes all the necessary components. For further information, contact our sales team..

They should be cleaned every week, but this can vary between one week and one month depending on the water quality and their use. We recommend using distilled water to clean them.

We recommend psychrometer sensors, as electronic humidity sensors tend to become saturated at temperatures above 85%, whereas psychrometer sensors do not.

First, check the level of the distilled water deposit inside it. Secondly, add the recommended product to the distilled water to prevent the formation of algae. Finally, check that the psychrometer wick has good absorption and change it if it doesn’t.

By simply entering a code (requested from your salesperson) into the controller. Your system’s functions and features will be automatically upgraded.

An unlimited number: as many as the inputs your system has.

The V4 range climate control equipment allows a double configuration option – normal configuration (complete) and simplified configuration.

The latter differs from the former in that its configuration and programming is much simpler. It is only necessary to indicate the sensors / actuators and perform a simple programming. Full manual here.