• APP communication – PC / Communication to PC (Hardware / Software)

Irrigation applications executable from any PC or mobile device, intended for remote supervision and management of control equipment in the V4.0 range in all its versions from any PC.

  • Wireless communication via radio.


Wireless input and output communication system, based on the latest technology and designed for data transmission. Simple configuration system and low power consumption.

Among its main features:

  • Via radio communication links the control equipment with the field units.
  • (irrigation valves, sensors, motors, etc.) allowing the integration of climate control and fertigation in the same network.
  • It allows creating a network or mesh of wireless nodes, with very low consumption, and with the ability that any of them can be configured as a receiver and / or transmitter.
  • The system can be expanded at any time thanks to the flexibility of its advanced technology.


MithraCom Web, irrigation application executable from any PC and from any mobile device through their respective applications (App), allowing remote supervision and management of the V4.0 range controllers in all their versions, at any time and from any place quickly and easily.


MithraCom Local, an irrigation application that runs on a Windows® platform, intended for the remote supervision and management of V4.0 range control equipment in all its versions from any PC.

Among its most notable features are:

  • Clear visual representation of the installation.
  • Easy keyboard operation and software customization.
  • Multiple graphics rendering options.

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