Desalination plant that uses reverse osmosis technology, thus transforming brackish water or sea water into optimum for its application in irrigation. The maximum water production capacity m³ / h is adjustable to the specific needs of each crop.

Main features:

  • Open Skid structure or sea container.
  • Automation of start / stop and equipment cleaning.
  • Quality of the treated water in compliance with the quality requirements established in the WHO Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.




  • Factory assembled and tested plant. PLUG & PLAY solution.
  • Quick and easy installation. Immediate and smooth start-up.
  • Mechanical filtration technologies, without chemicals or unnecessary consumables.
  • Optimized useful life for RO membranes thanks to an improved physical-chemical pre-treatment.
  • Control and monitoring system to guarantee the quality of drinking water.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance.

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