We manufacture and market a wide range of products for climate management, air treatment, irrigation control and fertigation, as well as information technology and remote control.

All our products are adapted for all types of crops and tested in all types of soil, water and climate conditions. Extensive experience with our clients and more than 25 years in the sector make us the most suitable company to provide a complete solution to your installation, offering solutions for the future to obtain maximum control and performance of your installation.


The double turbine air agitator is an affordable and practical solution for medium and small installations. With a back pressure of 1 mWC, a flow of 160 m3 / h of air, it is recommended to use it to stir around 2,000 liters of solution.


Hydraulic dosing pumps use the water flow and / or the pressure difference in the conduction to make the contribution of fertilizers to the irrigation network without electrical elements. They present different levels of injection easily selectable, in addition to precision of injection under diverse ranges of pressure and flow.


This ultrasonic flow measurement device provides precision and stability in measuring the flow of both water and chemicals. It can measure laminar and turbulent flows and is not affected by viscosity. The sensor allows the passage of impurities without affecting its operation and has outputs through digital pulses.


Soil/substrate sensors


Teros 12 – accurate reading of electrical conductivity (EC), temperature and volumetric water content in all types of hydroponic cultivation substrates under greenhouse.

HydraScout – precise measurement of volumetric water content and temperature at different depths, depending on the model.

Drill & Drop – accurate measurement of temperature, volumetric water content and electrical conductivity (EC) at different depths depending on the model.

NTC Terrae- performs an accurate reading of the electrical conductivity (EC), temperature and volumetric water content (expressed as a percentage) of the soil.

pH & EC sensors

The pH and EC sensors precisely measure both parameters. Their connection with the irrigation controllers is made through a probe plate that makes for
simple and easy calibration.


Venturi injectors are accurate and efficient. They inject acid and fertilizers without moving parts, without the need for electrical power. The floatmeters are made of material resistant to acid and fertilizers, and when the liquid flows inside the floatmeter, the weight moves indicating the flow that is passing.


Recommended for hydroponic crops, It collects the drainage water after irrigation. Water level probe inside the tank.


Recommended for hydroponic crops, collects and measures the drainage water after irrigation. Cubed vessel with drain solenoid valve.

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