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ADVANTAGES OF PRECISION FARMING Precision agricultura allows us, through the use of different technologies, to collect, organise and store information on evironmental parameters, irrigation water, the physical environment and the crop itself, to help the farmer make the most appropriate decisions at all times. When fertigation is applied on the basis of the principle of…

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fertisystèmes feria SIAM 2019

SIAM 2019

Salon International de l’Agriculture au Maroc – SIAM FertiSystèmes de Nutricontrol Find it at, Pole Agrofournitures; Stand A59-B; From April 16th to 21st, 2019

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News 7RM

Nutricontrol, working side by side with Murcian farmers, developing technology to save water and fertilizer. Preparing how to implement the latest advances: Big Data, Machine Learnig, predictive algorithms, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) … to help us improve the technology applied to agricultural holdings. link to the news

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General concepts about pH

The pH indicates the amount of hydrogen bonds in a solution. Its value is between 0 (acid) and 14 (basic), being 7 pH neutral. The pH is the negative logarithm in base 10 of the activity of hydrogen ions: pH=-log10[aH+] Importance of pH in crops The pH of the nutrient solution can affect plant growth…

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